Business Telephone Systems

A business telephone system can be scaled and starts with the smallest business requirements through to scalable solu-tions for larger organisations. A smaller business might need one phone line with broadband attached, whilst a larger business may need to connect multiple telephones which will allow for features like call handling and transferring, as well as many other requirements such as video conference calling. So in a nutshell, a business telephone system can range from just a few telephones in a small business up to a complex private branch exchange (PBX) system utilised by large businesses.

Business telephone systems can be identified in two categories; on site telephone systems or hosted cloud based telephone systems. Many businesses rely on both these types of business telephone systems to handle calls and the fact they will often incorporate a full range of additional messaging options to enhance calling capabilities by utilising IP technology.

Business telephone systems depend upon the PBX (Private Branch Exchange). The PBX is a private telephone network used within a company and when Internet Protocol (IP) is used to transmit calls. The phone system handles calls and ena-bles users to share a number of outside lines for making external phone calls. Many of you may have used these systems without even realising you were doing so.

Businesses that require PBX features are most likely to turn to a bespoke business telephone phone system. Business telephone systems are suitable for all business environments, whether it is a home office or large organisation. This is because when telecommunications are an essential element for success, whilst ensuring costs are controlled, business telephone systems can be highly appealing.

A business telephone system can also allow an employee a little freedom, as they do not have to be at their desk to answer a call, which can increase productivity whether they are in the conference room, on the road, or from a remote location and this increased efficiency allows workers to do more and save time.

As previously touched on, business telephone systems are ideal for both large businesses and smaller businesses when growth plans are afoot. Business telephone solutions allow for unlimited extensions, which makes adaptable enough to handle the growth a company may need.

There are multiple benefits to seeking a business telephone system to enhance the communications your customers experience from you and at ICOM, we have a range of business telephone systems and solutions available to suit the smallest business to the largest – whatever your needs are, we will find a solution that is both appropriate and cost effective.

We have our own professional, expert & accredited engineers that will deliver a first class and attentive installation process from start to finish. ICOM then offers an unrivalled post-installation support service, to help you get the most from your new telephone system.

If you would like to know more about how a business telephone system from ICOM can benefit your business, please contact us today on 01626 772222.

"Icom (South West) Ltd have taken care of our communications for many years including our lines and broadband I have always felt the service fast reliable and efficient, I can’t advise enough other business to switch from larger companies that view you as a number to a company that cares and understands just how important your business is"

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