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St Elizabeth's House in South Devon is a celebration of luxury, style and service. This Devon hotel combines contemporary, state-of-the-art features whilst retaining the Georgian manor's traditional charm. Situated in the historic village of Plympton St. Maurice close to Plymouth and surrounded by 5 acres of sweeping lawns and beautifully landscaped gardens, St Elizabeth's House offers an idyllic retreat from the stresses of busy lives.

Guest Wi-Fi was available at St. Elizabeth’s Hotel but there was certainly an undertone from guest that they were not satisfied with the service being provided. ICOM SW are already the provider of the business telecoms at the hotel, so we were called upon to see if we could provide a solution.

Elizabeth’s Hotel Guest Wi-Fi situation at point of contact

For St. Elizabeth’s House the reviews on that were being placed on Trip Advisor, were starting to show a pattern and patchy Wi-Fi was a huge issue and a deterring factor for their customers.

Why did St. Elizabeth’s House need to improve their Guest Wi-Fi?

In this day and age it’s imperative that a hotel set on a achieving a high standard can offer the best quality of services that are required by everyone. We all know that Trip Advisor reviews can affect the level of future bookings for the hotel, so something needed to change.

What was the solution for St. Elizabeth’s House Guest Wi-Fi?

St. Elizabeth’s House needed a solid secure Wi-Fi connection for hotel guests during their stay, that didn’t comprise their existing broadband set up but allowed the flexibility for customers to connect on their grounds flawlessly. All installed and ready to go during the Christmas period, one of the busiest times of year!

So ICOM SW started with a full survey of the potential guest Wi-Fi network, which looked at the areas in & around the hotel, including the grounds to ensure there would be a consistent and reliable connection regardless of where the guests were located.

Following this ICOM moved on to the design and installation of the guest Wi-Fi network, ensuring that it was sympathetic to the surroundings, being that St. Elizabeth’s House is a Georgain Manor House. Once this was agreed we worked to ensure that the installation was completed to specification without any disruption to its guests.

The Guest Wi-Fi network that we put in place was bespoke, discreet and surveyed accurately to offer the best coverage without being an eyesore, but most importantly upon testing it delivered the best possible coverage & speeds required of an excellent hotel guest network.

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