Confused by the hundred’s of offers out in the market place for business broadband within the UK? Not sure what you actually need? Selecting the right provider for your business can seem like a daunting task. Don’t fall in to the trap of signing for the first thing that comes along, just because of your confusion, we want to help you with this critical decision for your business and as such have detailed a few of the points you need to consider.

What type of user is your business?

The very first area you need to consider is what type of user is you business? Heavy, medium or light? If the only thing your busi-ness is doing is to access the internet to check your emails or surf the web for an hour or less a day, then you’d fall in to the light user category. However on the flip side, if you business will be using the internet connection for more than 3 hours a day and use it for heavy bandwidth operations such as; uploading / downloading large files or perhaps streaming online content, then you would be classified as a heavy user.

Businesses need to always consider a package that specifically relates to business use, this is because there are a number of benefits offered by this kind of package, including; free security packages, faster speeds, and better support.


Different broadband packages will offer greatly varied upload & download speeds, e.g. larger amounts of bandwidth. The higher your bandwidth, the less time it will take to download data. This means no more watching the egg timer! You should be able to load pages or download files very quickly. Ordinarily 1Mb or 2Mb connections will come standard from most providers. These lower speeds would be adequate for a light user, but a more demanding business should look for something faster in order to cope with the day to day usage required, without the frustration.

BUT….be warned! Sometimes you’ll be offered the higher speed packages, but in reality it is much slower, this is because your broadband speeds may be affected by the distance of the business from the main telephone exchange. The further away from the exchange that you are, the less likely you are to get very high speed broadband. So make sure you discuss this with your shortlist of providers prior to making a decision on a package, so that you can get a clear idea of what you are actually paying for.

Usage Limits

Many business broadband providers will place limits on the amount of data you may download every month, which means that you could incur charges if you exceed the given limit or your speeds could be restricted. This could be incredibly frustrating is your broadband speeds are nothing more than a trickle of speed.

So if you believe your business could fall in to the ‘heavy usage’ then you should consider a package that has a much higher download limit, or better still, a package with unlimited downloads. But if you do decide to go for a package with a limit in usage, make sure you discuss the terms with the provider and what it will mean if you exceed these limits.

Business Broadband Contract Length

With most broadband providers you will find you are required to enter into a contract of 24 months, although some providers will offer short-term contracts that will allow you to terminate with one months notice, however these are generally more ex-pensive and can be subject to high installation charges. So please choose carefully, as you may sign up to something that doesn’t suit your business and will come with large ‘get out’ clauses.

Business Phone Rental

Sometimes choosing the same broadband supplier as your current telecoms provider, can reduce your cost significantly. So when selecting your business broadband provider, take a look at the amount you spend on monthly phone bills & line rentals and see if you could cut costs by combining these services.


With changes to legislation it has become far easier to switch from one provider to another, so if you are due to end your current contract soon then maybe now is the time to start looking at who your new provider may be. You need to know who your pro-vider will be and what they have to offer, prior to the end of the contract in order to make the switch without loss of service to your business.

When choosing a new business broadband provider make sure you put the groundwork in upfront. Some packages and deals can seem perfect, but sometimes they will not stand up to your expectations, especially when factors such as contract lengths and usage limits have considered.

To help businesses realise the benefits of Broadband & Fibre Broadband, throughout November we are offering two great packages here at ICOM, they are:

Unlimited Broadband £12.99 per month (up to 20Mbps)

Unlimited Fibre Broadband £35 per month (up to 80Mbps)

So if you’d like to find out more about this offer or ICOM itself, then please contact us today on 01626 772222.

"Icom (South West) Ltd have taken care of our communications for many years including our lines and broadband I have always felt the service fast reliable and efficient, I can’t advise enough other business to switch from larger companies that view you as a number to a company that cares and understands just how important your business is"

Tom Wills, Director | Sunseeker Read the case study ›

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