There is an expectation in business for your business to work efficiently. If fact there is a general unspoken word in business now that your business should be ultra efficient due to the technology at your fingertips. However, this technology as we know if often dependent on the speed of your internet connection.

Fibre broadband for your business means that you can meet these expectations and often surpasses them. So if you are considering upgrading your business to fibre broadband, we felt that you might find it useful to understand a few areas that fibre broadband can help your business take advantage of.

Providing you more time

Higher upload & download speeds that fibre broadband delivers means that sending and receiving data, even large files such as videos, can be done quickly and efficiently. This is especially critical for businesses that rely and sending and receiving large files, such as perhaps design based or photographic businesses. Less time spent waiting for up-loads & downloads means increased efficiency as frees up time to increase productivity.

You’ve all heard about the cloud

There can be major benefits to a small business when using cloud based applications. It allows for much greater flex-ibility and accessibility for a business, whilst having compatibility to communicate with your customers much more easily. There are a whole host of cloud based solutions available for businesses in this digital age and although we’re not going to go in to detail now, in a nutshell… Cloud based applications can store and host a business’ data and software applications remotely.

The reliability and speed of fibre broadband means that it makes using cloud based solutions easier and more widely available to a business and by opening up the possibility of using cloud based solutions, fibre broadband can actually help a business reduce costs.

Make communication easier

Business communications are changing fast and with the growth of areas such as Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP), businesses can significantly reduce fundamental costs. Advances in internet based communications now mean that it’s possible to manage call routing, voicemail and hold video conference calls. High-quality conference calls, especially video conferencing, can reduce the need for face to face meetings and cut down on travel time and reduce business costs – all of which gives greater efficiency in terms of both costs & productivity.

To help businesses realise the benefits of Fibre Broadband, throughout November we are offering a great package here at ICOM:

Unlimited Fibre Broadband £35 per month (up to 80Mbps)

So if you’d like to find out more about this offer or ICOM itself, then please contact us today on 01626 772222.

"Having switched over to ICOM some years ago from one of the largest providers in the UK, I have found the service to be more reliable, cheaper and above all friendlier. I would recommend any business to ICOM"

Mr Bruce Brunning | The Turtley Corn Mill Read the case study ›

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