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Why Guest WiFi?

Is it right for your Plymouth business?

Plymouth is a UK destination that is popular with visitors for many reasons. Many of these visitors looking to sample what Plymouth & Devon have to offer in terms of our beautiful coast and countryside. These visitors are likely to need to access the internet through guest Wi-Fi networks in Plymouth in order to help them plan their itinerary and get the most from their stay.

Next up are the visitors Plymouth receives everyday for business purposes. In particular, with areas such as manufacturing remaining an important part of the Plymouth economy, it means we will have time starved business people who will need access to various cloud based applications in order to conduct their business trip to Plymouth efficiently.

The chances are high that your IT support (or yourself) has setup a standard WiFi network in your workplace, which gives you access to network resources, including your server or cloud solution, without needing to be on a wired or VPN connection.

A guest wireless network is different. It does not enable your guests, vendors, or clients to access to any servers, files, or cloud solutions, but does allow them Internet access over a secure, password protected connection.

The Importance of Guest Wi-Fi

It is important to have this available for customers, clients, and guests for two reasons:

  1. The main reason is so that you or your employees are not tempted to give away important WiFi passwords to your primary network, which would give room to serious security breaches and could severely damage your business.
  1. There’s also the convenience factor for visitors, often in todays technology world, we all store important files on a ‘Cloud’ based platform, so by having ‘Guest WiFi’ it allows your visitors to access these files so they can remain efficient, even when working away from the office.

There isn’t a need to be concerned that a guest Wi-Fi network is going to slowdown your main WiFi network. With a guest Wi-Fi network you can control the bandwidth and network usage for the guest network when it is set it up, so that your primary network’s bandwidth is not affected.


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Our Guest Wi-Fi Service

At ICOM we offer full survey, design & installation of guest wifi networks in Plymouth, so if you are looking to provide a guest Wi-Fi network in Plymouth, then ICOM can provide a range of options to help you promote yourselves, including a personalised landing page, which will ultimately increase profitability & awareness of your product, service or even your social media platforms.

To find out more please contact us by filling in the form above or giving us a call and we’ll be happy to discuss your specific requirements or alternatively please Guest Wi-Fi Case Study on a Hotel in Plymouth who we have recently installed a guest Wi-Fi network.

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