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Fibre Broadband Improves Business Efficiency

Fibre broadband can boost your business

Fibre Broadband in Torbay

Torbay is a popular UK destination with visitors for many reasons, but in order to give these visitors the best possible experience of the area, it means we have to have super efficient businesses taking care of their every need and this is where fibre broadband for Torbay businesses comes in.

Fibre broadband technology provides a big boost to local businesses, with their communications being the lifeblood of a successful community. Super-fast broadband can give our businesses a significant competitive edge, helping them save money and improve their services at the same time. Fibre broadband also has the potential to change the face of the public services on offer to visitors and revolutionise their overall experience of our area.

Not only can fibre broadband in Torbay revolutionise the visitor experience, it can also help your business become more productive. For example; there is no doubt at some point you would have been frustrated by how long it takes to download or upload files, especially the larger image or video file, but with fibre broadband you’ll notice a dramatic difference. At ICOM we can significantly increase your speeds through Fibre Broadband in Torbay, so you and your colleagues won’t be slowed down by your internet connection. If you want to check your current speeds, please check them through our Broadband Speed Checker.

Fibre Broadband will make a difference

We all want our businesses in Torbay to be ‘innovative’ and by having fibre broadband it can certainly make this happen. It can help cut down on travel time to meetings, because through good quality video conferencing such as Skype, is now accessible to even the smallest businesses. You can speak to colleagues and customers on your laptop without the need for expensive equipment, therefore it allows lots of people in the office to access the web at the same time and lends itself to better collaboration and the sharing of ideas.

At ICOM we understand the need for faster online services, so our fibre broadband is truly unlimited with no caps or slowing down. This offer of fibre broadband from ICOM is available for just £35+Vat per month, but not only that we are offering free installation, a free router and most importantly a LOCAL faster response for your business, should you feel the need for us to come and visit you.

To find out more about our fibre broadband offering throughout Torbay, contact us and we’ll be happy to discuss your specific requirements in more detail.

"Icom (South West) Ltd have taken care of our communications for many years including our lines and broadband I have always felt the service fast reliable and efficient, I can’t advise enough other business to switch from larger companies that view you as a number to a company that cares and understands just how important your business is"

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