Telephone Line Infrastructure

We provide a range of phone lines to suit a business’ needs. From sole user analogue lines for the single user to multi-line ISDN circuits, we help oversee the installation process and also provide rapid first line support if you ever have a problem with your lines.

Does it sometimes feel like you are lacking in your telephone infrastructure? Our professional and expert engineers are able to find a solution that suits your business, as well as ensuring the infrastructure is kept aesthetically and practically suited to the needs of your workplace.

With fraud ever on the rise, we can offer effective fraud protection to keep your business safe and prevent any large bills due to a fraudulent attack on your system/lines. If you require a more complex setup with your lines, we can accommodate that with options to give you the ability to redirect calls immediately and on the go and also SIP options if you require internet based lines.

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"Icom (South West) Ltd have taken care of our communications for many years including our lines and broadband I have always felt the service fast reliable and efficient, I can’t advise enough other business to switch from larger companies that view you as a number to a company that cares and understands just how important your business is"

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Fibre Broadband for Business

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Guest Wi-Fi Networks

Guest Wi-Fi Networks installed throughout the South West… Many businesses are reluctant to offer guest Wi-Fi to their customers, this is can be for a number of reasons; e.g. fear of security breaches or causing the slow down of their own network. At ICOM we want you to be assured that there are far more…

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Business Growth means Better Communications

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